It’s Popcorn Sale time once again. Here is the most important information to know:

1. Orders and money are due by Monday, October 19th. The popcorn will be delivered and distributed on Monday, November 16th.

2. Checks for in person orders should be made out to Cub Pack 257

3. Online sales are available again this year. The items available online are different than what is available on the paper forms. Shipping is FREE this year for online orders. This is a great option for family and friends that live out of the area.

4. The Pack makes 31% profit on every in person order and 35% on every online order. The profits are split between the Scout's personal account (15.5% or 17.5%) and the Pack (15.5% or 17.5%).

5. It is recommended to sell the benefits and not the product. We are aware that the popcorn isn't the cheapest out there, but the buyer is supporting their Scout and his ability to attend camps, overnighters, etc.

6. Have fun!

Scout NameOnline Selling IDIndividual Seller Link
Benjamin D.6BQ1WU
Caleb D.3KDOSP
Connor W.AQ3C3Z
Gabriel W.RB11DR
Gage H.HT2YN6
Jackson S.NFV6UN
Jacob O.R09WDJ
Jaxson R.S0Y19W
Joel O.RT87L8
Keegan M.D5PXYA
Robert L.K1TAZJ
Rudy D.LH6KN1

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